OSU Mailing Verification

Oregon State University barcode based mailing verification system. Nightly automated update from main frame data. Accounts added and updated. Serial port barcode driver that intercepts scans and applies various business rules to notify user or pass info onto existing Windows based postage metering software. Make sure the account has funds for services.

Form and Postal Utilities

Form and Postal Utilities

Form and Postal Utilities allows the user to use existing business data and easily produce any type of report (i.e. invoice, statement, purchase order, check, etc.) that can take full advantage of USPS postage discounts and your intelligent folding and inserting hardware.

FPU Barcode Control

Independent Barcode ControlFPU Barcode Control is a set of software tools customized for each business’s needs.  It acts a serial port driver between your barcode scanner and line of business application. It is for reading and analyzing the data contained in the barcode and acting according to a defined set of business actions.