FPU All in One Billing and Mailing

All in One Billing and Mailing System

The all in one billing and mailing system provides the user a single system to:

    • Generate forms, bills or statements
    • Process your addresses to take advantage of USPS discounts
    • USPS Manifest Mailing – eliminate the postage meter (even with mixed weight)
    • Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode
    • Print the forms on the printer of your choice
    • Combine customer into fewest number of envelopes
    • Accumulate 1 to 4 pages per set (1 oz)
    • QA to ensure set and order maintained
    • Fold the set
    • Allow for additional inserts (i.e. return envelope)
    • Insert folded documents into envelope

All with minimal user intervention. 


Form and Postal Utilities

Form and Postal Utilities

Form and Postal Utilities allows the user to use existing business data and easily produce any type of report (i.e. invoice, statement, purchase order, check, etc.) that can take full advantage of USPS postage discounts and your intelligent folding and inserting hardware.

FPU Barcode Control

Independent Barcode ControlFPU Barcode Control is a set of software tools customized for each business’s needs.  It acts a serial port driver between your barcode scanner and line of business application. It is for reading and analyzing the data contained in the barcode and acting according to a defined set of business actions.