FPU Login Control for mailOne

Form and Postal Utilities Login Control for mailOne

The Form and Postal UtilitiesTM Login Control for FP mailOneTM program adds username password protected login management for operating the mailone.exe program.

Our program controls starting and stopping of the mailOneTM program and also keeps a separate log of all user login and logout sessions, which allows the data to be easily included in custom reports.

For reference the logged in username can be appended to the notes or reference field for each recorded transaction (optional).

In addition to login security it includes the ability to control which rate(s) and account(s) the logged in user is allowed to select. These permissions can be assigned individually to the user.

Only the allowed accounts are listed (denied are excluded from the account list). If a denied rate for the user is selected mailOneTM  is minimized, the user is notified and the denied account or rate is deselected.