FPU Import/Export

FPU Import Export

Easily sync your cost recovery software (i.e. Copitrak™, Equitrac™, …) with your FP mailOne™ program via the FPU Import Export program.

FPU Import Export program takes exported cost recovery client/matter files from practically any third party program and formats them for easy sync or import into mailOne.

FPU Import Export also processes the default mailOne postage export file and automatically formats it for easy import into the third party cost recovery system.

The program functions may be operated by:

  • Command buttons in the program user interface
  • Command line parameters in a shor

FPU Login Control for mailOne

Form and Postal Utilities Login Control for mailOne

The Form and Postal UtilitiesTM Login Control for FP mailOneTM program adds username password protected login management for operating the mailone.exe program.

Our program controls starting and stopping of the mailOneTM program and also keeps a separate log of all user login and logout sessions, which allows the data to be easily included in custom reports.

For reference the logged in username can be appended to the notes or reference field for each recorded transaction (optional).

In addition to login security it includes the ability to control which rate(s) and account(s) the logged in user is allowed to select. These permissions can be assigned individually to the user.

Only the allowed accounts are listed (denied are excluded from the account list). If a denied rate for the user is selected mailOneTM  is minimized, the user is notified and the denied account or rate is deselected.

FPU All in One Billing and Mailing

All in One Billing and Mailing System

The all in one billing and mailing system provides the user a single system to:

    • Generate forms, bills or statements
    • Process your addresses to take advantage of USPS discounts
    • USPS Manifest Mailing – eliminate the postage meter (even with mixed weight)
    • Full Service Intelligent Mail Barcode
    • Print the forms on the printer of your choice
    • Combine customer into fewest number of envelopes
    • Accumulate 1 to 4 pages per set (1 oz)
    • QA to ensure set and order maintained
    • Fold the set
    • Allow for additional inserts (i.e. return envelope)
    • Insert folded documents into envelope

All with minimal user intervention. 


Form and Postal Utilities for the Cloud

PC Mailing Systems for the CloudFPU for the Cloud customer management/mail automation processing website. Manage customers, files, mailings and payments through on-line control panel. Can automatically sync data with local Access database using our FPU Monitor software. See the Introduction to Form and Postal Utilities for the Cloud our our partner site PC Mailing Systems, llc - here.

OSU Mailing Verification

Oregon State University barcode based mailing verification system. Nightly automated update from main frame data. Accounts added and updated. Serial port barcode driver that intercepts scans and applies various business rules to notify user or pass info onto existing Windows based postage metering software. Make sure the account has funds for services.