A PC Company, LLC is a highly accomplished programming shop with over 20 years of business experience. More than just coding we are highly accomplished at analyzing, integrating and automating business processes and systems to save time, labor and money.

Honestly we like both Microsoft© and Open Source as they both have their place in today’s business computing environment. In the MS world we develop mobile, desktop and client-server applications using mainly Access/VBA/VB.NET/SQL Server though we have more than a few customer programs built in C/C#.

On the open source side we are firmly a LAMP shop with a lot of CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and JQuery thrown in. We leverage content management systems or PHP frameworks whenever possible (WordPress, CMSMS, CodeIgnitor, etc.).

Over the years have developed a significant number of desktop, client server, industrial automation and internet based applications, in a wide range of fields such as crm, e-commerce, mailing, paper handling, shipping, distribution, health, paper/pulp manufacturing but to us information is all the same and we love it.

By browsing the categories to the right or taking a look at the links page you can see the variety of our most recently implemented applications.